Water misters for patios
misters for patio

How to Install a Patio Umbrella With Misters

Why are patio misters suitable for home patios? When summer comes, every home in Arizona, USA, will install a patio umbrella with misters. It is a great way to enjoy your outdoor space. Not only d...
Pocket Panda Outdoor Misting Fan
Outdoor Misting Fan

Pocket Panda Outdoor Misting Fan

The Pocket Panda outdoor misting fan is a versatile and effective cooling solution, The patio misting kit covers extensive areas for optimal cooling. Water misting fan hose integrates with various ...
Greenhouse misters
greenhouse misting system

Pocket Panda Greenhouse Misting Kit

The Greenhouse misters utilize the principle of evaporative cooling, where water droplets are sprayed from nozzles and, under the influence of initial water pressure and gravity, move through the a...
misting systems
misting system

Pocket Panda Outdoor Misting Cooling System with Kit

The misting systems is used on Patio/balconies, outdoor dining areas, outdoor activity venues, and swimming pool areas. Especially in hot weather, it plays a crucial role in alleviating the heatstr...
Our Story

Our Story

POCKET PANDA, as a brand of mist cooling supplies that focuses on innovation and environmental protection, has high awareness among young consumers. The panda image of the brand logo is well-loved ...
how to install misters on patio
misting system

pocket panda misting system instructions

The Pocket Panda Misting System is an efficient, portable, low-pressure misting system designed for a variety of needs in daily life. Whether relaxing on your outdoor patio, promoting greenhouse pl...