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pocketpanda is a solution-oriented brand dedicated to creating efficient and professional misting systems, misting fans and misting system parts Mist Kit,Simple and beautiful easy-to-assemble spray kit, features cost-saving and sustainable materials, such as the use of special environmentally friendly materials

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Pocket Panda products stand out with their unique designs, eco-friendly materials, and innovative features, setting them apart from competitors. Given the brand's strong appeal and loyal customer base, POCKET PANDA has enormous potential to expand into new markets and product categories.

POCKET PANDA conveys an environmentally friendly, sustainable, and modern lifestyle. The brand has successfully connected with consumers who pursue high-quality life and environmental protection. Through effective social media marketing and word-of-mouth communication, POCKET PANDA has significantly impacted consumers' purchasing decisions.

misting systems materials

The misting nozzle selected precise solid brass material, which is durable, anti-rust, and can be used repeatedly.

misting systems accessories

Equipped with 40 cable ties, and 40 tube buckles, Help you fix the water pipe and better DIY your outdoor misting system.

misting amount

The mist reaches far and provides a great amount. The mist range is 20-40 inches for every nozzle. The outdoor misters for the patio save up to 70% more water than traditional spray heads.

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We have a warehouse in NJ and plan to set up a warehouse in Arizona as well.

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