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18 in. Patio 3-Speed  Outdoor Misting Fan and Pedestal Fan Black 18 in. Patio 3-Speed  Outdoor Misting Fan and Pedestal Fan Black
Arizona Patio Misting Kit

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Both colors have their drawbacks; white might show dirt more visibly, while black can reveal dust and pollen. Regular cleaning is key for both

If you purchase our products and don’t know much about installation, you can follow our DIY project page or communicate with us via email


Yes, many misting systems allow adjustments to the mist intensity or positioning of misters. This flexibility helps tailor the misting experience to suit your specific patio layout and preferences.

The coverage area depends on the design and spacing of the nozzles in the misting system. Typically, misting systems can be set up along the perimeter of the patio.

If you want a denser mist, you might configure the system to cover a smaller area with more overlapping mist. Conversely, for a lighter mist, you could spread the system over a larger area.

There are no subscription fees or hidden costs. The only ongoing cost is the minimal amount of water used, which is significantly less than traditional cooling methods.