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Greenhouse Mister With Fan greenhouse misting kit
Greenhouse Mister With Fan+Greenhouse Misting Kit 35-45SQuare Feet
Sale price$96.99 USD Regular price$128.96 USD
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Greenhouse Mister With Fan Greenhouse Mister With Fan
Greenhouse Mister With Fan+Splitter+Timer 25-35Quare Meters
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Greenhouse Mister with timer Greenhouse Mister with timer
Greenhouse Mister with timer+Splitter 15-25square meters
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Greenhouse Misting System With Timer 10-15 Square Meters Greenhouse Misting System With Timer 10-15 Square Meters
Greenhouse Misting System With Timer 10-15 Square Meters
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Outdoor Misting  Kit for a Cool Patio 80FT with 24 Nozzles/,Mist Expansion Kit(35Ft Outdoor Misting Fan Kit with 10Nozzles + Hose Timer) Outdoor Misting  Kit

greenhouse irrigation


Flower bed irrigation ensures your blooms receive the perfect amount of water, fostering lush and vibrant growth

Fine Misting

Fine misting delicately hydrates plants, providing a gentle and even distribution of water that mimics a light rain


A garden is a tranquil retreat where nature's beauty is cultivated, offering a serene escape filled with vibrant flowers, lush greenery, and the harmonious buzz of life.

Watering mister

It is also suitable for lawn irrigation, garden, garden, vegetable irrigation, agriculture, flower beds and so on.

Misting System with a Timer

Can be Used to Adjust the Timing Mist, Manual mist, and Rain Delay Mist That Does Not Disturb the Set Program Ideal for Automatic Misting Cooling, Patio Drip Irrigation, Plant Watering, Pet Drinking, Water Playing.

Misting System Timer Kit

frees your hands

smart watering

Garden Hose Splitter 2 Way Ideal for Lawn and Garden

Misting Fan Kit

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Pocket Panda Outdoor Misting Fan
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Pocket Panda Greenhouse Misting Kit

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A Greenhouse Misting Kit is a specialized system designed to provide a controlled and automated misting environment within a greenhouse. It helps maintain optimal humidity and temperature, crucial for the growth and health of plants.

An Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit with a Water Timer can be integrated into the Greenhouse Misting Kit to automate the watering schedule. This ensures plants receive the right amount of water at the correct times, enhancing growth without water waste.


Look for a Misting System Timer Kit that offers programmable settings for frequency and duration of misting, is easy to install, and is compatible with your greenhouse size and type of plants. Features like moisture sensors can also add to its efficiency by adjusting the misting based on humidity levels.

The Misting System Timer Kit delivers water directly where it's needed in a fine mist, reducing evaporation and runoff. By programming precise watering schedules, it ensures no water is wasted, making it more efficient than manual watering.

Absolutely. Many kits allow for customization of misting zones, timing, and moisture levels. This flexibility lets you tailor the environment to suit various plant species with different humidity and watering needs