Pocket Panda Outdoor Misting Fan

Pocket Panda Outdoor Misting Fan

The Pocket Panda outdoor misting fan is a versatile and effective cooling solution, The patio misting kit covers extensive areas for optimal cooling. Water misting fan hose integrates with various fan types, effortlessly enhancing their cooling potential. Beyond being a mere hose, it’s a conductor of comfort, transforming scorching heat into a soothing breeze, making every outdoor moment an escape to serenity amidst the sweltering day

The Pocket Panda outdoor misting fan is a versatile and effective cooling solution, The patio misting kit covers extensive areas for optimal cooling. Water misting fan hose integrates with various fan types, effortlessly enhancing their cooling potential. Beyond being a mere hose, it’s a conductor of comfort, transforming scorching heat into a soothing breeze, making every outdoor moment an escape to serenity amidst the sweltering days.

Outdoor cooling fans are effective local cooling equipment in high temperature areas. It has a simple structure, is easy to operate and maintain, is cheaper than a centralized air shower, has a large air volume, and has a wide action surface. The evaporation of mist particles can effectively reduce the air temperature, so it is suitable for use in some high-temperature areas.


Specific performance of pocket panda outdoor misting fan function

We compared traditional air conditioners, which have high energy consumption and high operating costs, which limits the purchase volume to a certain extent. However, high-efficiency outdoor cooling fans embody the characteristics of energy saving, humanity, beauty, and environmental protection, and are designed to alleviate high temperatures during outdoor activities and parties. The ventilation and cooling of outdoor misting fans provide the perfect solution.

  • Powerful Fan
  • built-in misting system
  • Multiple Size Options
  • Adjustable Settings
  • Easy Installation
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Versatile Applications

The Pocket Panda outdoor misting fan is designed to deliver efficient and customizable cooling, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of outdoor activities. Its misting system efficiently reduces ambient temperatures by emitting a fine mist of water droplets that quickly evaporates, creating a refreshing outdoor atmosphere. With adjustable fan speeds and misting intensity, multiple size options, versatile applications and wide coverage, it offers versatility and comfort in various outdoor settings, from picnics and backyard gatherings to camping trips and sporting events. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it a reliable companion for staying cool during hot weather.

How Pocket Panda can enhance your patio experience

Pocket Panda enhances your patio experience by providing a refreshing misting system integrated into a powerful fan. With multiple size options to fit your patio, it offers adjustable settings that allow you to control the mist intensity and fan speed, ensuring a comfortable outdoor environment. Its energy-efficient design not only keeps you cool but also reduces energy consumption. we will explore the various sizes available, including the 35FT, 27FT (8M), and 19FT (6M) options, Including how to choose these sizes and how to bring a cool experience to the terrace

pocket panda misting system

Transforming your patio into a cool and comfortable oasis using Pocket Panda misting systems is easy and effective. But you have to Determine the size of your patio or outdoor space. Measure the length and width to calculate the square footage. This measurement will help you choose the right misting system size

35FT Misting System

If you have a spacious patio or a larger outdoor area, 35FT Misting System: Ideal for larger patios and expansive outdoor areas (10-15 square meters). It creates a fine mist that cools the air, making your patio comfortable even on scorching summer days. 


 If you have a large patio, evenly distribute the misters along the perimeter or above seating areas. Ensure the misters are not obstructed and cover the entire space


  • Begin by attaching the misting line to your existing garden hose or water source.
  • Lay out the misting line along the perimeter of your patio, ensuring even spacing between misting nozzles.
  • Mount the high-velocity fan in a central location on your patio, making sure it covers the entire area.
  • Connect the misting line to the fan unit.
  • Secure the misting line in place using the provided clips or brackets.
  • Turn on the water supply, and you're ready to go!

27FT (8M) Misting System

 For a mid-sized patio, 27FT (8M) Misting System: Suitable for medium-sized patios (7-10 square meters). Balances cooling with space efficiency.


Position the misters strategically to cover the central area of your medium-sized patio. Adjust the angle of the misters to create an even cooling effect.
Follow the same installation steps as for the 35FT system, adjusting the misting line length to fit your patio's dimensions.

19FT (6M) Misting System


: Perfect for smaller patios and intimate spaces (4-6 square meters).space-efficient, it's designed for those seeking relief without sacrificing aesthetics. Imagine a romantic dinner for two on your charming patio, with the misting system creating an enchanting ambiance.


 Place the misters where they can provide direct cooling to the seating or dining area. Keep them unobstructed for optimal performance.
Customize the misting line length to suit your patio's size.
Mount the fan in a strategic location, ensuring it covers the area you want to cool

It is worth noting that you need to consider your local climate conditions when installing. Factors like temperature and humidity levels will influence the effectiveness of your misting system. In hot and dry climates, misting systems are particularly effective at reducing the perceived temperature. In more humid areas, misters may still provide cooling but might not be as noticeable.


How to Position Misters Correctly

Pocket Panda Outdoor Misting Fan

  • Spray Pattern: Check the misters' specifications to understand their spray pattern. For example, if a mister has a 3-foot coverage radius, it should overlap with neighboring misters.
  • Calculate Spacing: Calculate the spacing between misters based on the coverage radius. If the coverage radius is 3 feet, you can position the misters approximately 2-3 feet apart to ensure overlap. This spacing allows for consistent mist distribution.


Positioning misters correctly involves spacing them evenly along the targeted area, mounting them around 8-10 feet above the ground to cover a broader area without soaking people or furniture, angling the nozzles downward slightly to ensure the mist reaches the ground, considering prevailing wind direction to optimize dispersion, avoiding electrical sources, and opting for misters with adjustable nozzles for precise control. Regularly evaluating their effectiveness and adjusting positioning as needed ensures optimal cooling without excessive moisture buildup in specific areas.Let's analyze the factors of nozzle spacing and mounting height,

Nozzle Spacing

Professional Analysis: The spacing between nozzles should be determined based on the desired coverage area and even distribution of humidity. Typically, the nozzle spacing can be set to cover within the overlapping area of the mist to ensure uniform humidity distribution. This can be calculated based on the nozzle's coverage radius and operating pressure.

Case Example: Let's assume the use of nozzles with a 0.016-inch (0.4 mm) orifice size, providing a coverage radius of 2 feet (approximately 0.6 meters). If you wish to cover a 10x10 feet (3x3 meters) area, you can set the nozzle spacing at every 2 feet (0.6 meters) to ensure that the covered area receives sufficient mist


The coverage radius of a nozzle in a misting system refers to the area it can cover when in operation. Specifically, it means that when this nozzle is active, it can evenly disperse water mist over an area with a radius ranging from 1 to 3 feet, which is approximately 0.3 to 0.9 meters. This information provides an indication of the nozzle's coverage range, and it can be used to estimate the spacing between nozzles to achieve the desired coverage and cooling effect.

How to judge Misters mode


  • Operating Time and Pause Time: Monitor the system's running time and pause time. Different misting modes have varying time settings. For example, one mode might involve misting for 1 minute and then pausing for 5 minutes, while another mode could be misting for 2 minutes and then pausing for 10 minutes.
  • Misting Intensity: Observe the intensity of the water mist produced by the nozzles. Some modes may generate fine mist, while others may produce larger water droplets.
  • Controller Settings: Check the misting system's controller or timer settings. Typically, you can find information about misting modes, including misting duration and interval time, on the controller

 How to calculate the spacing between misters 

Calculating the spacing between misters is typically determined based on the mister's coverage radius and the desired coverage area

Determine Coverage Radius

Firstly, determine the coverage radius of the misters you are using. The coverage radius represents the maximum radius range that a mister can cover, usually measured in feet or meters.

Define Desired Coverage Area

Determine the area you want to be covered by misting, whether it's a circular, rectangular, or another shape.

Calculate Spacing

Use the following formula to calculate the spacing between adjacent misters:

Make sure to use consistent units (feet or meters) in your calculations.

Arrange Misters

Based on the calculated spacing, arrange the misters to ensure even coverage of the entire area. Typically, misters are arranged in a grid-like pattern or diagonally.


Mounting Height

Pocket Panda Outdoor Misting Fan

Professional Analysis: The installation height of nozzles should take into consideration the mist's descent distance and coverage area. It is typically recommended to mount the nozzles at a height of 8 to 10 feet (approximately 2.4 to 3 meters) above the ground. This height ensures that the mist has enough time to descend and cover the target area adequately while avoiding excessive moisture on the ground or individuals.

Case Example: On a 10x10 feet (3x3 meters) patio, if you are using nozzles with a 0.016-inch (0.4 mm) orifice size, it is advisable to install the nozzles at a height of 8 to 10 feet (approximately 2.4 to 3 meters) to ensure that the mist evenly covers the entire patio.


  • Area Size: The size of your patio or space will influence the mounting height. Larger spaces may require higher mounting.
  • Desired Coverage: Determine how much of the area you want to cover with mist. Higher mounting provides a broader coverage area but may require more misters.
  • Mister Angle: Ensure that the misters are angled downward towards the ground. This angle helps the mist descend effectively


Misting nozzle angles play a pivotal role in directing the mist effectively: typically angled downward at around 10-45 degrees from horizontal, these angles enable the fog to descend naturally towards the ground, covering a wider area while minimizing the chances of wind dispersal. Adjusting these angles aids in determining the coverage range, with sharper angles targeting smaller, closer areas beneath the nozzle and gentler grades dispersing the mist across broader regions. Avoiding direct mist contact with people or items is crucial, and adjustable nozzles offer flexibility in altering spray angles for tailored coverage. Appropriately angled nozzles contribute to even mist distribution, ensuring a comfortably cooled outdoor space without causing excessive moisture buildup

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